Thursday, December 9, 2010

Pat-down of High-profile Indians @ US-Airports

Hello Tamasha Readers !

Posting this below video/news not because it is first time that a very high profile Indian dignitary has been victim of high-handedness by the US officials, rather for the comprehensive list that this video contains at the end.

Imagine what would be US officials reaction if we frisked USA's ex-president Mr. Bush @ Mumbai/New-Delhi? More importantly let's ask why just Indian diplomats receive this treatment? Writer do not recall any European or Chinese officials ever having to live through such misery and bringing home national shame. No,its not the individual TSA officer's fault. Its fault of loath Indian administration for failing to communicate properly well in advance to the concerned US Authorities about their dignitaries arrivals/departures. Also partially the US states department for not being pro-active to stop such contentious issues from re-occurring over and over again.

Counter argument : After all, we Indians live perfectly happily with Pakistani terrorists across the border transgressing in to our territory and killing a few hundred every now and then, why bother about our ex-president/diplomats being frisked in Jackson or O'hare !

Shame Indian politicians/administration,shame. You let us down time and over again.

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