Thursday, December 9, 2010

Every minute counts...

Yes, we all have heard this "every minute counts" cliche being tossed around. Seems someone is diligently putting efforts to count minutes India needs to do away with her problem of terrorism. Let me elaborate a little. The charming prince of India Mr. Rahul Gandhi said the following at a press conference last year. These are his EXACT words, no manipulation. (Note : This is old news but certainly relevant especially since we just witnessed blasts in Varanasi thanks to terrorism)

"I am confident that this country can take on terrorism. Defeating it is no problem. If we empower those people in villages, we can sit back, relax and we will destroy terrorism in 15 minutes"


15 freaking minutes? Pardon the slur but WTF/Really/Excuse me ???

Thinking over and over again on what he said, following is what comes to mind. He perhaps meant to say take in to account our population of 1.13 billion of which about 70 % lives in villages. That is almost 800 million Indians. Now multiply 800 million by 15 minutes and you have 12,000,000,000 (12 Billion) minutes, that is 200,000,000 (200 Million) man hours. We can further find out how many days that means but let's take a break here. So far so good but now we have a problem. Is prince expecting the rural aam admy (who is very hard pressed between inflation and unemployment) to spare his time fighting terrorism instead of earning bread-butter for his/her family? Is GOI going to provide incentives to villagers fighting against terrorism? And most importantly,its the major metropolis of the nation that faces terrorism challenge at large. Why would rural citizens be bothered about problem that does not concern them? Did prince charming meant to say because GOI does not have enough internal security forces(CPRF and others) to handle 200 million man hours of work load, it plans to mass migrate villagers to cities and employ them as guards? Does that sound viable solution? Cities are already unable to support existing population. Is he suggesting more influx?

Following are the links to the only three news papers which carried this news back in 2009. We all have heard racial profiling, now check out news profiling !
Indian Express
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And some of the blogs that also carried this.
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Whatever his logic was, its beyond comprehension of the writer. Perhaps its about time to stop paying attention to what the prince blabs every now and then. Painful to believe masses of India sees this person as future PM ! Jay ho India !

Pat-down of High-profile Indians @ US-Airports

Hello Tamasha Readers !

Posting this below video/news not because it is first time that a very high profile Indian dignitary has been victim of high-handedness by the US officials, rather for the comprehensive list that this video contains at the end.

Imagine what would be US officials reaction if we frisked USA's ex-president Mr. Bush @ Mumbai/New-Delhi? More importantly let's ask why just Indian diplomats receive this treatment? Writer do not recall any European or Chinese officials ever having to live through such misery and bringing home national shame. No,its not the individual TSA officer's fault. Its fault of loath Indian administration for failing to communicate properly well in advance to the concerned US Authorities about their dignitaries arrivals/departures. Also partially the US states department for not being pro-active to stop such contentious issues from re-occurring over and over again.

Counter argument : After all, we Indians live perfectly happily with Pakistani terrorists across the border transgressing in to our territory and killing a few hundred every now and then, why bother about our ex-president/diplomats being frisked in Jackson or O'hare !

Shame Indian politicians/administration,shame. You let us down time and over again.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

News created by News person


Day in and day out we hear/watch all that TV Media rightfully (or wrongfully) wants us to believe what the real news is. Ever wondered who will cover if they themselves were to do a blunder worthy of being called 'news' ?

Yes ! Would like to talk about one such case (of many) where a journalist Barkha Dutt early last year called the most industrious Indians, Gujaratis as "effete"...You need not google and do a research on either the news or the word effete itself. Just watch following compiled video. Many thanks to my friend who created this video.

Inaugural post on Tamasha Nation.

Hello !

This blog would try to bring you the news that traditional Indian media has either chose to ignore or has been unable to cover due to many unstated reasons. (ruling party pressure, involvement of their staffers in scams, lack of courageous/capable writers/journalists/video crew etc)

P.S. The posts on this blog will have political undertone. You have been warned !

Wanted to start with the news that was not covered by the Indian English TV media (CNN-IBN, NDTV etc) back in February of 2010, when Mr. Rahul Gandhi was on visit to Darbhanga of Bihar. Watch the following two videos in series and all shall be clear why young and restless Indians have developed an unsavoury taste for this Indian politician.

Special thanks to Aaj tak for covering this news back then.

Here the clip of angry students.