Saturday, November 27, 2010

News created by News person


Day in and day out we hear/watch all that TV Media rightfully (or wrongfully) wants us to believe what the real news is. Ever wondered who will cover if they themselves were to do a blunder worthy of being called 'news' ?

Yes ! Would like to talk about one such case (of many) where a journalist Barkha Dutt early last year called the most industrious Indians, Gujaratis as "effete"...You need not google and do a research on either the news or the word effete itself. Just watch following compiled video. Many thanks to my friend who created this video.

Inaugural post on Tamasha Nation.

Hello !

This blog would try to bring you the news that traditional Indian media has either chose to ignore or has been unable to cover due to many unstated reasons. (ruling party pressure, involvement of their staffers in scams, lack of courageous/capable writers/journalists/video crew etc)

P.S. The posts on this blog will have political undertone. You have been warned !

Wanted to start with the news that was not covered by the Indian English TV media (CNN-IBN, NDTV etc) back in February of 2010, when Mr. Rahul Gandhi was on visit to Darbhanga of Bihar. Watch the following two videos in series and all shall be clear why young and restless Indians have developed an unsavoury taste for this Indian politician.

Special thanks to Aaj tak for covering this news back then.

Here the clip of angry students.